what is nmsbuilder


nmsBuilder is a freely-available software application to process biomedical data and create subject-specific musculoskeletal models for OpenSim.

Specifically, nmsBuilder allows users to perform the pre-processing phase of subject-specific musculoskeletal modeling from three-dimensional geometries and to create models in the OpenSim file format.
nmsBuilder can import different kinds of biomedical data, interactively visualize them, fuse them in a coherent representation, manipulate landmarks, surfaces and volumes, define and calculate musculoskeletal parameters, and finally create and export musculoskeletal models for the OpenSim software.

nmsBuilder is developed at the Medical Technology Laboratory of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute (Bologna, Italy), it has been presented in a reference publication, and is being increasingly used for research.

how nmsbuilder works


nmsBuilder features data objects called Virtual Medical Entities (VME), Views (interactive visualization of VME) and Operations (create/modify VME), integrated in a Graphical User Interface (GUI), to allow users to process biomedical data and create subject-specific musculoskeletal models for OpenSim.

Objects related to musculoskeletal modeling, e.g. surfaces, volumes, landmarks and coordinate systems, can be imported, created and modified. OpenSim model objects can be created, corresponding musculoskeletal parameters can be calculated, and the models can be exported in the OpenSim file format.

what's new in nmsbuilder 2.0


nmsBuilder was originally conceived as an outcome of the NMS Physiome European project (2010 - 2013).

nmsBuilder v1.0 was released in 2014 (including an interactive GUI, documentation and test data), and needed additional software to integrate with OpenSim.

nmsBuilder v2.0 features a major software refactoring, including integration of the OpenSim 3.3 library and Application Programming Interface, upgrades to latest Multimode Application Framework library, and graphical restyling. Particularly, no additional software is needed to create and export OpenSim models, and the concept of the modeling pre-processing workflow is completely new. The result is a more stable, user-friendly and advanced version of the application.